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With strict architectural guidelines that are enforced at many residential estates, the installation of a solar water heater on a roof might be confronted with a few hurdles along the way.

However, as Solahart dealer Francois du Preez has proven, there is always a solution. Du Preez recently installed a 302J system on architect Etienne Stols’ family home, without compromising the aesthetics of the house. 

Rooftop resolution

The house is situated in the upmarket and exclusive Meyersdal Eco Estate, where the architectural guidelines specifically state that geysers are not allowed on pitched roofs. “The installation had to aesthetically fit in with the house. We had to adhere to the guidelines of the estate, and we had to be really careful, as the house was recently painted,” said Francois.

Francois and his team also had to break down a parapet wall, plaster, waterproofed and painted the section where the system was installed in order for it to face north. “There is also a tree nearby that we had to take into account – in the winter the system won’t receive a full day’s sun, but it will be close enough.”

Etienne Stols and his firm, SCS Architects, do a lot of upmarket work in the estate. By going through the installation process with Francois, Etienne will now be able to give tips and advice to his clients regarding the most ideal solar water heating solution. 

Family-sized efficiency

Due to the irregularities with Eskom’s electricity supply, Etienne has been monitoring his household’s electricity usage on a daily basis. He switched the electrical geyser off, as well as the back-up element of the Solahart. “At the moment, the Solahart system is working really well for Etienne and his family, especially now during the summer,” said Francois. 


Selected Energy offers a variety of solar water heating solutions that will assist any architect or homeowner to adhere to architectural guidelines. For more information, click here.


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