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MTN invests in a solar geyser

Greater global focus on environmental responsibility, coupled with mammoth electricity price hikes locally is prompting corporate South Africa towards greater energy efficiency.

South African cellular network giant MTN recently took a step towards greener business by investing in Solahart for its new building.

Construction, civil works and project management company Qinisa Holdings is currently working on the new MTN building off 14th Avenue in Johannesburg. 

"Margie Asprey from Qinisa contacted me on 30 October to order Solahart solar geysers for the new building," said Johannesburg North dealer Adrian Chessman.

"They needed the installation done by the next Monday, so I went for a site inspection on the same day. I was initially worried about how we'll get the Solaharts on the roof, but by Monday afternoon the installation was complete," said Chessman.

Solahart managing director Jim Hickey attended a solar water heating conference hosted by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) at the Indaba Hotel on 5 November. According to Hickey, South African companies, like insurance company Santam, are starting to disclose their annual carbon footprint.

"There is more and more pressure on corporate South Africa to be environmentally responsible," said Hickey.

Solahart solar water heater

"I think MTN is thinking in the right direction by putting solar water heaters on new buildings. A single 300-litre Solahart solar water heater will reduce MTN's carbon offset by 3.5 tonnes per year. In other words, by this time next year, MTN will have taken a small car off the road for each Solahart installed," he said.

Solar Q&A

Question: In brief, please explain the Eskom Rebate System?

Answer: The Eskom rebate system offers consumers cash back on solar water heater purchases. Eskom determines the rebate amount, based on the efficiency of the system. The Eskom rebate system helps consumers identify the best solar systems. To be part of the programme, the system has to carry the SABS mark of approval, which ensures durability and suitability to the South African climate.

It's a misconception among consumers that the rebate programme is an administrative nightmare. Selected Energy dealers help their clients fill out the paperwork to ensure no administrative blunders. Since the rebate started, 95% of Solahart customers have received their rebate, most in less than three weeks from purchase.

From greens to greener

From 3 to 6 December Solahart will be joining ardent golf enthusiasts at Sun City for the Sun City Nedbank Golf Challenge.

This year the Africa Major organizers have taken steps towards a greener tournament by replacing six electric geysers with Solahart solar geysers.

Solahart will be responsible for hot water at the following points:

·      The Challenge Club

·      15-metre stretch

·      Bowling green

·      Tennis court

·      IDC

·      Nedbank and SA Gaming Marquee

Said Solahart managing director Jim Hickey, "Solahart is very proud to be part of the Sun City Nedbank Golf Challenge. South Africa is the ideal location for solar water heating initiatives. The Africa Major tournament presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the world that we are committed to solar energy."

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