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Energy efficiency water heating bylaw to continue

Cape Town is set to revolutionize the South African approach to alternative energy with the proposed energy efficiency water heating bylaw. The bylaw will make it compulsory for all new buildings in the Cape Town metropolitan area to install water heating systems that do not rely on electricity. The bylaw will be released for public comment in August 2009.

Although the city's head of energy Sarah Ward proposed the bylaw months ago, the process was slowed due to incorrect legal procedure in the application process. According to reports in The Cape Times, the wheels are once again in motion to pass the bylaw. Should the bylaw be passed, Cape Town will set the benchmark for renewable energy in South Africa.

Solahart managing director Jim Hickey believes that the South African public will make the more responsible and economic choice for solar water heating should proper systems, like the proposed bylaw, be in place.

"Eskom's Braam Conradie told Business News that it currently costs Eskom 16 cents to produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity. With the two new power stations, it could cost up to 48 cents per KWh. We are in a crisis and will have to face extremely serious consequences unless we take action right now," he concluded.

Kf181 units sold out

The Kf181 promotion has come to an end. Consumers capitalised on the opportunity to have a Solahart 180-litre solar water heater installed at no cost, reducing the overall price by R3 500. It seems the promotion is just what South Africa needed. All promotional stock has been sold out.

Keep an eye on the Solahart website for future promotions.

Solahart community cleanup

On Saturday 6 June the Solahart marketing team and Johannesburg North dealers J.P. and Luzanne le Roux and Adrian Chessman got down and dirty to clean up the Fourways area.

In support of the Pikitup Pitch In! project, the Solahart team picked up garbage between William Nichol Drive and Cedar Road in Fourways. Pikitup provided empty garbage bags and gloves. They also collected full garbage bags around the country in preparation for the Confederations Cup that kicks off on Sunday, 14 June.

Solahart donated a Solahart mealie meal shopping bag to each member of the community that helped out during the day.

"It was really great to do something for the area," said Johannesburg North dealer Luzanne le Roux.

The Pikitup project is the first of many of Solahart's environmental community projects. Watch the Solahart website for more details.

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Jacques van den Bergh, Kristia van Heerden and Luzanne le Roux at the Solahart community cleanup.

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