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Solar update

Eskom’s spokesperson Hilary Joffe announced on 9 January 2012 that there is a high risk of rolling blackouts across South Africa.

And, considering the realities we are facing, we might still struggle to keep the lights on for the next 5 years. The estimated date of completion for Medupi and Kusile is 2017, however, the Medupi boiler delay might add a couple of years to the estimated date of completion. 

It has been four years after the January 2008 load-shedding crisis and we are still sitting with the same problem. The same power alert messages on television and the same uncertainty of not knowing when your business will be without power. Can South Africans really deal with this situation for the next five years? No. We need to rethink our dependency on electricity and adjust our lifestyle accordingly. Invest in solar. Just take a peak outside – the sun is shining, it is there for us to use. Don’t be left in the dark (and in a cold bath).

Did you know?
Eskom is urging consumers to reduce their electricity usage by 10% in order to keep the power supply running. By installing a Solahart solar water heater you could reduce your electricity consumption between 30% and 40%. 

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Solar savings for Mozambican hotel

Solahart dealer Matthew Opperman, recently did an installation at Quilalea island resort, a hotel on an island north of Mozambique. The hotel has an occupancy rate of 85% (which translates to 15/16 visitors at any given time).

This was a unique installation, as the hotel is situated on an island and isn’t connected to the main electricity supplier. It relied largely on a conventional element type geyser, which placed tremendous pressure on the generators used for power.

Matthew Opperman stated that both gas and solar options are largely used in Mozambique as alternative energy sources. The reason for the interest in solar is that it utilizes free energy provided by the sun, which is in abundance in Mozambique. This then saves on electricity consumption, and in this case also saves on the use of gas as a source of energy. 

The hotel installed six Solahart solar water heaters and is now reaping the benefits of going solar, as are many other hotels both nationally and internationally. For more information on this matter, have a look at the discussion on Selected Energy’s LinkedIn site.


Well done to Matthew Opperman on a successful installation (and we’re looking forward to experience the benefits of the installation ourselves!)

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