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Consumers want more green buildings

Josef Quraishi, head of sustainability at Amdec, said in a recent Property24 article that the market needs to be educated about the benefits of sustainable building practices. This will ensure and increase market demand for greener buildings.

Long-term water and energy savings translate into cost savings, which will end up in the consumer’s pocket.

Quarashi also mentioned that consumers used to be worried about the added costs of green buildings. However, interest in green buildings is on the increase. And it should be. As leaders in the solar water heating industry, we educate our consumers on the financial benefits of investing in solar water heating.

Please see the attached example we’ve been using since April 2009 - click here to download.

Stars on the green carpet

- Coolest building on campus: The new home for the University of KwaZulu-Natal Intensive Tuition for Engineers Programme was unveiled at the beginning of March. The building has been described by Engineering and Science Professor Rob Slotow as a “…flagship home for sustainable green engineering at UKZN.” Click here to read the rest of the story.

- Jutland Crescent is the first residential development in Port Elizabeth to be registered with the Green Building Council of SA for a green star, multi-unit residential pilot certification rating. Click here to read the rest of the story.

If you know of any green developments that you would like to share with our readers, please feel free to email us.

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Commercial solar water heating applications

Selected Energy’s commercial division specialises in solar thermal and hybrid solar solutions for the mining and industrial sector, providing effective energy management solutions.

“A solar water heating solution or hybrid solar solution are highly effective measures that will save energy and cut on a mine’s operational costs.  Guaranteed hot water for shift workers and adequate laundry facilities are examples of the ideal energy saving mechanisms that can be applied to the mining sector,” said Chris Elliott, commercial project manager at Selected Energy.

Coal mine  - Mpumalanga

Selected Energy installed a hybrid solar water heating solution at a leading mining company’s colliery in Mpumalanga during January 2010. The solar solution was based on a number of calculations, including projected electricity consumption patterns at the mine’s five change houses.

"We noticed that, generally speaking the peak demand for hot water is at the 2 p.m. shift change.  Based on the determination of the consumption patterns, we could identify the best possible solution.

Large amounts of hot water are needed throughout the day, and a purely solar solution is often used with a number of other electricity saving methods to ensure minimum electricity usage. Combining various solutions guarantees hot water, even during periods of low radiation or at night,” said Elliott.

The installation was a greenfield installation (the water heating solution was installed on a new building). Using a combination of 200 flat plate collectors, 10 heat pumps and five heat store energy storage systems, the Selected Energy team devised a solution that provided 5 800 litres of hot water per shift, servicing five change houses. The solution also provided 1000litres of hot water for the mine’s laundry requirements. 


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