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Why a solar water heater?

In a time of global financial turmoil, investing in a solar water heater seems unnecessary to many consumers. Although purchasing and installing a solar water heater seems costly at first, the long-term benefits are numerous.

Take a load off Eskom

In the South African context the benefits of using a solar water heater reach far beyond individual savings.

Eskom's chief executive Jacob Maroga recently placed the power utility's current situation in context in a Business Report interview. Maroga stated that Eskom's objective is "to stay below its revenue and survive". The article served as a reminder of the dire circumstances Eskom are facing. Many consumers forget that Eskom's supply problems were declared a "national emergency" in January 2008.

Although the regular blackouts due to load shedding were inconvenient for homeowners and commuters, the economical effects of Eskom's power supply problems were colossal. The mining industry in particular was severely affected, because the power cuts raised safety concerns and many mines had to stop production for five days in 2008. The drop in production resulted in higher global gold and platinum prices, which in turn caused the rand value to drop.

That we haven't been affected by load shedding recently is by no means an indication that the energy crisis is a thing of the past. A drastic change in the behaviour of the approximately nine million households could be the saving grace for Eskom.
Solar water heaters in general reduce the average household's electricity use by between 40% and 50%. A 300-litre Solahart solar water heater saves Eskom around 13 931kWh per month, resulting in a significant reduction in demand for Eskom.


Electricity savings is the quickest way to see the monetary benefits of installing a solar water heater. Water heating contributes to between 40% and 50% of your monthly electricity bill. A solar water heater can reduce your water heating costs by as much as 90%, resulting in an immediate reduction in your monthly electricity costs.

Eskom's visionary rebate system offers cash back on the purchase of solar water heaters. Homeowners can get an Eskom rebate of R4 917 on a 300-litre Solahart solar water heater. Paired with a household's monthly electricity savings, the rebate can account for significant savings in the first year already.

Constant hot water

Most solar water heaters have a backup element for periods of low solar radiation, meaning that you will have hot water, no matter what the weather.

South Africa has a very high radiation rate, giving us the ideal climate for solar water heating. During periods of load shedding, households with solar water heaters are guaranteed hot water.

Environmental benefits

The state of the earth's atmosphere is a hot topic these days. Consumers are more aware of how their day-to-day activities are detrimental to the environment.

Generating electricity results in enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Using solar water heaters reduces the amount of electricity used and therefore the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. A Solahart 300-litre solar water heater can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 11.01 tonnes per month.

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