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Solahart commercial hot water systems come in two forms: central storage systems and multiple rooftop storage systems. Central storage systems are generally recommended where usage exceeds a hot water draw of 1 500 litres per day, whereas rooftop systems are normally regarded as suitable for installations requiring less than 2 500 litres per day. View our commercial solutions

Central Storage Systems

These models use Solahart's proven high performance solar collectors deployed in multiple banks, with parallel connections to a central point on ground tank installations. The system incorporates a sealed closed circuit system, whereby heat from our special Hartgard fluid is transferred into the potable water. This means the collectors are protected from frost damage and hard water corrosion.The Hartgard fluid is circulated between the collectors and the storage unit by a fully automatic pump. 

When the pump is turned off, the fluid drains down into the holding tank. A heat sensor activates the pump. The sensor detects the temperature difference between the collectors and storage vessel. Furthermore, all Solahart central storage systems can be supplied with an auxiliary heating source; either gas or electric. All Solahart commercial systems are fully manufactured, assembled and pre-tested prior to delivery.

The complete system is pre-engineered and supplied in component form, minimising site work. Installations can therefore be completed quickly with minimum site labour.

Multiple rooftop storage systems

Multiple rooftop storage systems require a minimum of on-site preparation and can be installed very quickly. Each storage tank is close coupled to a separate collector array - usually two or three collectors per tank. The tanks are connected together to ensure that hot water is drawn off equally between them, thereby providing hot water at the same temperature to each outlet.

Each collector array and tank system utilises a sealed closed circuit system, which provides protection from frost and hard water corrosion damage.

Our commercial systems are designed and built for the express purpose of reducing the cost of heating water compared to conventionally fuelled methods. Wherever solar radiation is available in viable quantities, a Solahart commercial hot water system can produce a considerable reduction in conventional power consumption while providing reliable, low maintenance hot water.

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